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Conservative Friends Of Israel Conservative Friends Of Israel
Paul Calvert talks to Barbara Dingle as she celebrates Passover and Resurrection Sunday at the Jerusalem Channel Passover Conference in Israel [15.10.19]
JJ HellerLong Way Home
JJ Heller on slowing down and soaking in the beauty of the world [10.10.19]
Inside The BruderhofInside The Bruderhof
BBC 1 have recently aired a documentary about a group you may not have heard of called the Bruderhof Community. They have a centre down in Sussex as well as around the world. CR chats to Bernard Hibbs, who is a member of the community. [08.10.19]
Baz GascoyneThis Is My Story
Baz Gascoyne reflects on how telling your life story can help others. [06.10.19]
Paul PoultonThere's A Simple Life Out There Somewhere
Paul Poulton reflects on seeing the beauty in what God has made. [03.10.19]
Hope For SderotHope For Sderot
Paul Calvert talks to dedicated humanitarian, Stuart Gonliun, about his aid work helping victims of terror in Sderot. [01.10.19]
Steve MaltzBrexit, Boris And Donald
So, what are God's purposes in our crazy world? Is Brexit part of God's plan? [29.09.19]
Showing Love, Care And Support In IsraelShowing Love, Care And Support In Israel
Paul Calvert talks with Daniel Carson from CBN Israel about how they are making a difference among the Jewish people. [26.09.19]
The Making Of Us The Making Of Us
Sheridan Voysey is a writer, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality. Aswell as a contributor to BBC Radio 2, international networks and BBC Breakfast. His new book, The Making Of Us, explores who we become when life doesn't go as planned. [24.09.19]
Baz GascoyneLet's Talk More
Baz Gascoyne explores how to reduce loneliness and improve personal connections [22.09.19]

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