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Hope In The Midst Of Persecution In The Middle EastHope In The Midst Of Persecution In The Middle East
Paul Calvert spoke with Yvette Isaac from Roads of Success, about their work to empower, educate and act as advocates for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. [02.07.19]
Emma's story is one of fear and loss, hope and strength, reality and acceptance and, ultimately, the victory of living an unexpected life with a faithful God. Stretched will encourage anyone struggling with baby loss or parenting challenges. [30.06.19]
John CheekThe Pitfalls Of Being Middle Class
John Cheek suggests that false gods are close to home. [27.06.19]
Steve MaltzExploring hope: Faith in the future
Steve Maltz asks are we ready for eternity? [25.06.19]
Wholeness Wholeness
Jeff Short chats to author, Christy Wimber about her new book 'Wholeness', which is a powerful exploration of mental health, wholeness and healing - and the church's attitude to all of these. [23.06.19]
Providing The Environment And Skills To Enable Disabled Young People To FlyProviding The Environment And Skills To Enable Disabled Young People To Fly
In part 3, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels about the incredible sports facilities and programmes they have, currently benefiting thousands of disabled young people in Israel. [20.06.19]
JJ HellerYou're Not Going Crazy
JJ Heller on overcoming fear and panic attacks. [18.06.19]
Kat MillsLearning The Secret Of Contentment
Kat Mills talks about the importance of mind-set. [16.06.19]
Overturning Apartheid In South AfricaOverturning Apartheid In South Africa
In part 2, Jonathan Bellamy speaks with Michael Cassidy about how to take a stand against Governments biblically, his relationship with Nelson Mandela, and how South Africa is doing today. [13.06.19]
Living As Equals Among Equals With DisabilityLiving As Equals Among Equals With Disability
In part 2, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels from Shalva about the types of disability their clients have, their successful volunteer programme, and the difference their disabled clients are making in the world. [11.06.19]

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