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Steve MaltzExploring Faith: Getting real with God
Steve Maltz on the part faith plays in supernatural healing. [29.08.19]
Thomas Bilney: A forgotten hero of the faithThomas Bilney: A forgotten hero of the faith
Michael Marcel shares the story of one of the first Protestants in England and one of the earliest martyrs. [27.08.19]
Breathe AgainBreathe Again
Jeff Short chats to author, Niki Hardy, about her open and honest book coming out in the UK in September. A book about how to break free from the suffocating survival mode, find abundant life, and discovering you were born to thrive and not just survive. [25.08.19]
Going To School In The Old City In JerusalemGoing To School In The Old City In Jerusalem
Paul Calvert spoke with Saliba Kuttab from Frere School in Jerusalem, about the history of the school, his vision for the future, and the benefits of being based in the Old City. [22.08.19]
JJ HellerIt'll Be Alright
JJ Heller on the difference between marriage and Hollywood movies. [20.08.19]
Paul PoultonWhat's Wrong With People?
Paul Poulton reflects on the ways our patience is tested and how we shouldn't judge others [18.08.19]
Release InternationalCHINA CRISIS
As tensions mount in Hong Kong, Release International is calling on China to grant freedom of religion to Christians who face increasing persecution on the mainland. But handing in a petition to the London Embassy is proving quite a challenge. [16.08.19]
William Haslam: A forgotten hero of the faithWilliam Haslam: A forgotten hero of the faith
Michael Marcel shares the story of someone who brought revival wherever he went. [15.08.19]
Uniting Christians And Jews Through FarmingUniting Christians And Jews Through Farming
Paul Calvert interviews Zac Waller, the executive director of HaYovel Now, about uniting Jews and Christians through volunteering on Israeli farms, and fulfilling scripture. [13.08.19]
JJ HellerExchanging Fear For Curiosity
JJ Heller on tearing down the fences we've built around our hearts and turning them into bridges. [11.08.19]

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