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Baz Gascoyne#grateful
Baz Gascoyne talks about counting our blessings [04.08.19]
Kat MillsThe Short-Sighted Bumblebee
Kat Mills talks about asking and accepting help when we need it [02.08.19]
Making The Holy Land A Symbol For Bringing People TogetherMaking The Holy Land A Symbol For Bringing People Together
Paul Calvert talks to Daoud Nassar, from Tent of Nations, a farm located South West of Bethlehem, about non-violent and constructive resistance. [01.08.19]
The Sacred Art Of JokingThe Sacred Art Of Joking
Jonathan Bellamy spoke with sit-com writer James Cary, about his work, when jokes go wrong, and humour in the Church. [30.07.19]
Little Worship CompanyLittle Worship Company
Described as the 'Cbeebies of the faith community', The Little Worship Company has created brilliant, inspiring media to help children discover God and to encourage a global audience of faith-filled little humans. [28.07.19]
Yesterday Yesterday
Simon Dillon reviews this entertaining, feel good watch [26.07.19]
John Wycliffe: A forgotten hero of the faithJohn Wycliffe: A forgotten hero of the faith
Michael Marcel shares the story of the foremost philosopher and theologian of his age, not only in England, but also in Western Europe. [25.07.19]
Anti-Semitism And Westen EuropeAnti-Semitism And Westen Europe
Josh Reinstein from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus talks about his work building relationships between Jews and Christians direct from Parliament; and the effects the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) is having on the people of Israel. [23.07.19]
Dennis PeacockeA Critical Root Of Our Current Problem: Cultural Christianity
Dennis Peacocke on the need for heads and hearts given to Christ, committed to earth as well as heaven. [21.07.19]
UK Government Urged To Help Persecuted Christians UK Government Urged To Help Persecuted Christians
The Foreign Secretary says a report into the persecution of Christians around the world is a "wake up call" that demands action. [18.07.19]

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