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Steve MaltzExploring hope: The pastor and the patient
Steve Maltz looks at the life of Richard Wurmbrand and a friend with a nasty disease. [23.05.19]
Raising Awareness Of Human Rights And Democracy In Palestinian SocietyRaising Awareness Of Human Rights And Democracy In Palestinian Society
Paul Calvert spoke with Samya Abu Hmud from the Tawjeeh Center, about the issues women face in Palestinian culture, the need to educate people about their rights, and the problem of religion. [21.05.19]
Release InternationalAsia Bibi Finally Out Of Pakistan
'Overjoyed that Asia is finally free - but why has it taken so long?' [19.05.19]
JJ HellerThe Hardest Part Of My Job
JJ Heller on the tension of being a working mum. [16.05.19]
Kat MillsMuddy Boots By The Door
Kat Mills on humility in parenting. [14.05.19]
Exploring The History Of CMJ And Their Influence In IsraelExploring The History Of CMJ And Their Influence In Israel
Paul Calvert spoke with Dr Garth Gilmour, the Executive Director of CMJ, about their work pioneering modern medical treatment in Jerusalem, and Christian education. [09.05.19]
Overcoming Depression, Anxiety And Suicidal ThoughtsOvercoming Depression, Anxiety And Suicidal Thoughts
Jonathan Bellamy spoke with author Rachael Newham about her experiences: how she has survived two attempts on her life, through to launching a mental health charity and releasing her first book. [07.05.19]
Avengers EndgameAvengers Endgame
Simon Dillon reviews the latest Marvel blockbuster [05.05.19]
John CheekIs There A Right Way To Pray?
John Cheek wonders at the upside-down nature of God's kingdom. [02.05.19]
Changing Lives Through SingingChanging Lives Through Singing
Paul Calvert spoke with Michele Cantoni from the Amwaj Children's Choir, about the difference they're making to the lives of children from Hebron and Bethlehem. [30.04.19]

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