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Since 1983 Cross Rhythms has been promoting Christian music in the UK and abroad. Today we are impacting youth and the wider community for good through FM radio, contemporary Christian music and a globally influential website with over 19,000 music reviews and more than 220,000 pages worth of articles, news and other items.

Through these initiatives Cross Rhythms profiles Christian music artists from all sectors – mainstream, Christian and independent. If you are a Christian artist then Cross Rhythms would like to work with you.

How Cross Rhythms can help you:

  • Get an artist profile by emailing
  • Inform users of your gigs at
  • Tell us your latest News for our daily posts
  • Send two copies of your releases for website review and radio auditioning for our 3 FM and online stations.
  • When appropriate we can feature you on radio shows and write a feature article for our website.
  • Offer specific advice, should you need it, from our many years’ experience in the Christian music industry.

How you can help Cross Rhythms:

  • Mention Cross Rhythms at your gigs or give out simple literature.
  • Link from your website to Cross Rhythms home page or radio page.
  • Make a small commitment to invest into Cross Rhythms as one of our Friends at only £10 per month,

To follow up any of the above or to find out more about Artist Partnerships please contact Maxine Cummings at:
Or call Cross Rhythms on 01782 251000.


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