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El McMeenWeeding (or Not)
El McMeen talks about how even during difficult times we can still do the work of the Lord. [03.04.20]
Heather BellamyFinding Life When Life Is Stripped Away
Heather Bellamy reflects on reasons to have hope, be joyful and full of Life. [27.03.20]
Deborah MitchellThe Currency Of Heaven Is Faith
By Deborah Mitchell - Oasis [20.03.20]
Tim LucasSeeing The People Behind The Issues
Tim Lucas reflects on the ways we should treat a person as a human not a statistic. [13.03.20]
Jim LowePlaying The Support Role
Jim Lowe encourages us to be the person who is prepared to step back and not seek the limelight but instead see others flourish. [06.03.20]
David KramerUnless You Become Like A Child.
David Kramer reflects on how to show love [28.02.20]
Olumide KolawoleThe Right Place To Be
Olumide Kolawole encourages us to walk before the Lord and seek encouragement and strength from Him. [21.02.20]
Ben DoggettCast Your Burdens Onto Him Because He Cares For You
Ben Doggett talks about how to lift the burdens of life up to God. [14.02.20]
Suzie BrockThe Most Important Truth
Suzie Brock expresses the frustrations of knowing the distress and needs people experience and also knowing the answer to meet those needs is Jesus. [07.02.20]
Steve GambillPraying For Your Region
Steve Gambill shares the Bible teachings showing us the importance of praying for our nation. [31.01.20]

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