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Suzie BrockThe World Needs Jesus
Suzie Brock reflects on the recent tragic shooting and fires in California. [30.11.18]
David HellyerKnowing The Value Of Your Call At Home Or Away
David Hellyer reflects on his call by God to stay in his home church and his brothers' call to move abroad. [23.11.18]
Tracy WilliamsonCan We Really Know God As Father?
Tracy Williamson on how God can heal our father wounds. [16.11.18]
Steve GambillLeadership Drift
Steve Gambill on the importance of dropping our anchors deep into Jesus. [09.11.18]
Nick WelfordThe Parable Of The Talents
Nick Welford considers a different interpretation. [02.11.18]
Liz DumainWhen Things Don't Happen Like You Think They Should
Liz Dumain on the reality of following Jesus. [26.10.18]
Jeff CuttsDeveloping The Fruits Of The Spirit
Jeff Cutts considers the importance of taking responsibility for our attitudes. [19.10.18]
Matt SummerfieldSacred Serving
Matt Summerfield on why serving changes you, the Church, and the world. [28.09.18]
Cleland ThomHow God Equips You
Cleland Thom on how God uses your past to train you for an exciting destiny. [21.09.18]
Paul CalvertGetting To Know Jesus By Visiting The Holy Land
Paul Calvert exhorts us to value our Bibles. [14.09.18]

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