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Paul CalvertIt's All About People
Paul Calvert exhorts us to be sensitive to people's struggles. [06.09.19]
Cleland ThomGod Is With You, Wherever You Are
Cleland Thom on location, location, location. [30.08.19]
Dale ElandWhen The World Gets Dark
Dale Eland challenges us as to whether our communities would notice if our spiritual power was removed. [23.08.19]
Andre von MollendorffAre You Ready For Vuca?
Andre von Mollendorff on equipping young people to live in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times. [16.08.19]
Tim LucasMary's Difficult Faith Story
Tim Lucas on the simplicity and complexity of following God. [09.08.19]
Jim LoweFocus On The Present Not The Past
Jim Lowe on the reasons why we shouldn't romanticise the past. [02.08.19]
Deborah MitchellPutting Jesus First
Deborah Mitchell on the revolution of putting Jesus first before we outwardly serve. [26.07.19]
David KramerPeople We Won't Meet In Heaven
David Kramer looks at what becoming a new creation means. [19.07.19]
Ibby OkeFirst Things First
Ibby Oke on how to seek God's kingdom first. [12.07.19]
Olumide KolawolePrayer Does Work
Olu Kolawole helps us take encouragement from scripture in the power of prayer. By Olumide Kolawole - Living Water Parish Stoke [05.07.19]

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