Esther Stapleton-Stone encourages us to use our passion during these unprecedented times.

Esther Stapleton-Stone
Esther Stapleton-Stone

The Coronavirus pandemic has inspired and forced people to work creatively, in some instances using technology differently, creating new processes and issuing directives to save lives.

In the book of Exodus at the start of chapter four God has a conversation with Moses, which leads to God asking Moses a question, "What have you got in your hand?" Moses replied, "a staff".

This was an instrument Moses used to control stubborn sheep, but God wanted him to change his view of the staff to see it from a different perspective.

Moses went on to use this staff to perform miracles: It was used at the Red Sea, during the 10 plagues and then in the desert to bring water out of a rock. So, the miraculous kept on happening until the Israelites got to the Promised Land.

In this unprecedented crisis the National Health Service has depended upon creatives to come up with solutions and the Government has been pressured to provide vital equipment quickly.

Therefore, to meet the increase demand of ventilators some car manufacturers switched their production lines from producing cars to manufacturing ventilators, resulting in more lives being saved.

The supply of hand sanitisers hit crisis point and perfume manufacturers came to the rescue by producing this vital product to protect the public and medics, in order to reduce the spread of the infection.

Scientists have used their skills and talents to track the spread of the virus using technology apps and testing kits to help people monitor their condition.

Comedians have released work on social media platforms to keep us laughing, which has benefits for our mental health.

Fitness influencers have posted daily exercise routines to get us moving in our homes in the lockdown period.

The Government issued directives and have instructed us to follow specific guidance to protect us and save lives.

So how can we as individuals change our perspective?

Is it possible for us to use God's power of creativity to bring freedom even in isolation?

We can sing, dance and praise God even when we are at home. We have the freedom to worship, releasing us from the emotional symptoms of isolation. Matt Redman wrote the song: 'Bless the Lord O my soul ... worship His holy name, sing like never before.' This helps us to worship God, changing our perspective from focusing on the crisis to being thankful to God for the good things that are happening around us: Neighbours looking out for each other and people praying for each other who may not have done so for a long while. We have seen and heard of acts of kindness which have been on the increase as a result of this pandemic.

God's Holy Spirit lives in each of us. What creativity might he release in you at this time?

What would be your answers be to these questions?

1) What ideas have you got that could help the vulnerable?
2) You have a passion for Jesus. Why don't you create content on social media that will help people fall in love with Jesus too?
3) Why don't you write that book you've been thinking about? It could become a bestseller.
4) Wouldn't it be amazing if you composed a piece of reflective music to help people relax?
5) God may be asking you to help someone in need today what would your answer be?

So, what has God put in your hand?

Whatever your passion is, use it, it may save someone's life... physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. CR

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