Husband and wide duo CARIE AND DAVID GRANT talk us through tracks on their new album

Deavind & Carrie Grant
Deavind & Carrie Grant

"It's So Good"
From our own personal point of view, this song is written to represent those times when we screw up. Sometimes the worries of the world distract us and it's very easy to find ourselves running towards all the wrong things, none of which meet with or match up to knowing Jesus.

"He Will Be There"
This song is about following Jesus no matter what because his love is so fantastic - it's a "we're totally sold out" song. We also wanted to experiment with putting passages of Scripture into music. Psalm 37 is one of our favourite passages. We held on to it when we had a few people anti us getting married back in '88 and like the grass those people withered and became some of our greatest supporters.

"Happy 2 B Praizin'"
Our walks with God have so many levels, but sometimes we hit those times when it's just ecstatic and awesome and it feels like you'll just blow up if you don't talk about him! This is happy 2 b praizin'!

"He Is Able To Keep Me From Falling"
Carrie says, "I have an 'incurable' stomach disease called Crohn's Disease and it means I spend a lot of time in pain. Over the past 15 years I've had to spend lots of time in hospital having surgery and many months without food or drink, living on just hospital drink. When I've been in pain and still have two hours to wait for my next pain killing injection, I don't know how I'm going to get through and David doesn't know how I feel. No family, no doctor, no nurse, no one knows. But Jesus knows! He took my pain at the cross and bore it. His empathy keeps me from falling. I do believe he will heal me but in the meantime, this empathy is enough to keep me going."

"Brothers And Sisters"
Written for a BBC 2 series of the same name. So often in the body of Christ we all say "Hello" at church and do all the right things but when church is over, the care is remote. This song is about our desire to care and be cared for. There are too many one-way relationships in the world, people tend to be either a giver or taker - we yearn for balance.

"Watching And Waiting"
This song was one of the four songs we wrote one day in an hour. Carrie said to our producer Nicky Brown. "I'm pregnant with a song! Play a chord and it'll come out." Nicky asked, "Which chord?" and Carrie replied, "Any chord!" Nicky hit a chord and virtually the whole song came out in one go! It's about being alone in the "secret place" with God, waiting and then his presence comes and we are so humbled we weep or so overjoyed we weep or laugh. Other times we are waiting for an answer and it can be a long wait - months! But that's okay, it's all part of the walk we have with God. Praise is often the key to the door of the throne room and it's one we regularly use.

"Let's Get Moving"
This is a call to the Church to get off our butts and get going. Sometimes we're so busy trying to get sorted and "be perfect" that we miss the point. God uses us where we are, however he wants. Sometimes we're also so busy waiting for our ministry to look as dynamic as someone else's we miss the fact that God is moving miraculously in us day by day in many small ways. This was also one of the four songs written in an hour!

"I Love You Lord"
Carrie said. "We really should have a Ron Kenoly type song on the album." David said. "I can write one of those in 10 minutes." Challenging him. Carrie handed him a pen and paper (he was still in bed) and 10 minutes later this song was formed. Nicky Brown embellished it beyond recognition and we love it. It's really a simple out and out praise and worship song.

"Move On"
It's both personal and inspired by one of my best friends. This is about going through an experience that hurt so much it separated me from God. I felt angry with God and let down and yet even though I felt all this. I knew the answer would be found in him. Fortunately God is big enough to deal with anything I could ever throw at him. David and I felt the Church in general sings too many victory, vision, army, war songs and sometimes we need to get down to brass tacks. Sometimes this song is what the walk is like - doubt, pain, depression. We run from pain so often, sometimes we need to embrace it for the sake of Jesus and peace and freedom will follow. I came to the place where I could actually give thanks not just in the situation but for the situation and know that God would bring out the best in me. Many of the things I was asking God for character-wise were formed during this period.

"Yours Is The Honour Most High"
This is pure worship to God. He deserves everything we have. He is Mr Big, the Great I Am and he's It!

"Lord I Worship You"
My (Carrie's) father became a Christian in 1989. In '92 he went to live as a missionary in Sierra Leone. A country full of war, he was advised to leave but he wrote to me saying, "How can I teach faith and then leave when the going gets tough?" In 1996 he died suddenly of malaria. I went to Sierra Leone to bury him and had such a profound knowledge of what it means to truly give my life to Jesus and to die for him like my father had! Whilst I was in Sierra Leone alone I prayed to have a life that would be as effective as his. At that point I knew I had to make the album. I came home and David felt the same.

"Worship You With Me"
So often we sing, "I give my love to you, I lift my hands, heart," etc but we wanted to say a little more. "With Me" means who I am, not just what I do. Also we wanted a song that mentioned giving money as a form of worship, ie, "My gifts, my goods, my plans, my everything" so that everything we are and do is on the altar as a living sacrifice. We also love the concept of God's word being the weapon in our hands and the cornerstone on which our future stands.

"The Word"
We wanted to do some chatting on the album and we also wanted to read some Scripture. The backing track was meant to be for "Let's Get Moving" but it was shelved. By accident our engineer, Dave Lynch, brought it up during the mix. We decided on our favourite Scriptures and in one take it was done. We had no idea the Scriptures worked so well together. One (Isaiah 53) being about Jesus and his suffering, the other (Matthew 5) about the benefits of serving God. much of which means enduring hardship. If you listen carefully you can even hear Nicky coming through our headphones at the end saying "Yeah man." These two words are a great way to finish the album. After 15 days of pure God and pure fun, it was all that was left to say! CR

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