Split Level: Track-by-track rundown of 'Glo.bal'

Wednesday 1st October 1997

Adrian Thompson of veteran indie rock team SPLIT LEVEL gives a track-by-track run down of the band's latest album 'Glo.bal'.

Split Level
Split Level

This is essentially a worship song or a psalm which celebrates the power of God. As the Bible clearly states, there is absolutely nothing which God cannot do and there should not be a barrier from individual Christians for stopping God doing what he feels he needs to do or wants to do. This song just simply sets the tone for the album in just saying that God is everything and is in everything.

"Twister" started life as two separate songs and about a week before pre-production began I was looking over all lyrics and songs and it just seemed to be right that both sections fitted together. This song essentially talks about how Satan can really turn things and twist them in such a way that we don't understand them and can sow great seeds of doubt. However, as Thomas discovered in the Bible, it is very easy for us to have doubts in our faith and these can be planted by Satan or can be a reaction to what goes on around us. "Twister" is straightforward and honest and just says that sometimes we doubt and we shouldn't be afraid to admit this. David was quite open about talking to God and telling him how he felt, even whenever he was going through tough times and it is no shame for any Christian to admit that they are going through a real hard time trying to understand their faith.

In Britain today there is a society called Emily's List which helps support women in politics. Named after the Suffragette Emiline Pankhurst, one of their policies is that they will help and support women members who wish to have abortions. In effect, this means that some potential politicians will have a great image locally, but in the background have assisted in the murder of an innocent child as they further their political career. In no way can we as Christians stand by and let this happen, and this is a tribute to those potential children who have not been given the chance to live.

Written in about an hour, this song is a response to the fact that a lot of people turn to New Age techniques in pursuit of healings. The damage such exposure causes to one's soul and spirit is profound. We pray and hope for people to receive a complete healing of spirit, soul and body.

Paul wrote to the Romans about doing things he didn't want to do, and this is a personal reflection on the same struggle. It is easy to get caught up in things which at first seem innocent, but as time goes on we discover that it has taken us away from what God wants us to be and where he wants us to be. This is simply the human conflict which will go on from generation to generation in doing things that we don't want to do.

In my homeland of Northern Ireland, tradition is one of the roots of what has become known as the Troubles. This song cries for those involved to expand their vision and think about what is happening rather than sticking to this "my father stood for this and so will I" attitude. It is time that people started to expand their brains and expand their minds rather than keeping everything within traditions.

The truth is that the world likes to blame God and Christians for difficult things that happen around them. This can stunt the growth of some Christians, but the fact is that we need to get out of the shadows and stand in the truth of the light and not be ashamed.

This song reiterates God's presence.
Even though sometimes we don't feel it, the fact is that his presence is there and he is there to sustain us.

This is the only song we have written completely whilst in the studio and it is a simple pop song. It is one just to encourage people to get out there and grow and to rise above circumstances without being conceited about it.

This used to be a heads down, thrashy punk song but Rick Elias helped us to pull it into more of a groove. It basically says that while there is even just a glimmer of hope or the mustard seed is still planted in our lives, we need to hold on to that and not let it go out.

This is the one we stole! I always wanted to do an Undertones cover and Gary wanted to try this one. The original idea was that we were going to fake this as from a live concert, but I think most people will know that this was just a lot of fun. We did it in one take and had a good laugh doing it in the studio. CR

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Adrian Thompson is a member of veteran indie rock team Split Level.


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