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Javascript Support

The Cross Rhythms Radio Console uses javascript. Most browsers support javascript, but in some cases it may be switched off. If your browser does not support javascript then you may be able to install one that does, for example Firefox, Safari or Opera.

iPhone and other mobile users, or anyone with a slow computer, can try the Simple Radio Console. Not all mobile devices can play Cross Rhythms Radio.

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Listening on FM

There are two Cross Rhythms Stations which broadcast locally on FM:

  • If you live in Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme, you can pick up Cross Rhythms City Radio on 101.8FM.
  • If you live in Plymouth, you can pick up Cross Rhythms Plymouth on 96.3FM.

If your radio has an RDS display (usually found on in-car radios), you'll see all of the Cross Rhythms stations listed as XRHYTHMS.

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