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Article Title: Hearing The Lion's Roar
Author of reported comment: xemzieboox
Comment Date: 18:53 on Jan 26 2007
Comment: wow these guys r truuuue legends n im not just sayin tht bcz EVRYBODY sez it- i mean it they r true legends- i saw them in wun of their gigs held in a local church and it was just amazing. at first i ddnt kno whether to go or not because im in the middle i dont kno whether to be christian or not . see i was christened but tht duznt particularly mean i am a christian cz i was too yound to decide obviousely.i went away on camp with my youth group last summer and yeh it was gr8 but i did get a bit spooked out on prayer meetins and stuff i was just like this is weird how do u kno hes real how can u talk to him how can this be!? and i just had all these feelings and questions racing up inside of me. and so from then on i very rarely continued going to my youth group. it was the easy way out my parents and family arnt christians and still live a happy life so y dus it matter if im not a christian? but yeh i just when i saw them they touched me i donno it was weird its as if our souls touched and was asking me to follow them . strange i kno and it freaked me out. after the gig chip asked the people who wanted to become a christian to stand up . as we was all sitting down in the hall as chip was talking to us. it was quite quiet and i thought to mi self shalli do this? i actually sed to mi self yes i want to do this - it cant hurt me -its a good thing i remember saying to god this is it im yours i am handing my life over to u . u gave up all u had for me so im onli doing the right thing not bcz i have to or feel i have to but because i want to . and with that i stood up legs shaking a bit as i felt like god was with me. X
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