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Article Title: Brothers Martin
Author of reported comment: alyssa
Comment Date: 22:19 on Feb 3 2007
Comment: The musical fusion of indie pop and electronica provides a refreshing and edgy sound in this self-titled debut album, The Brothers Martin. Known for their separate musical accomplishments, Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric and Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 unite as bands and brothers to produce a distinct mesh of polar sound. Although not their first collaboration, The Brothers Martin is markedly different from their 1990 album Dance House Children, which featured a rave sound and disjointed vocals. The brothers have 20 releases between them, but their recent reunion has created an innovative style not yet seen before. Both the driving guitar riffs by Jason and synthesized electronic sound by Ronnie introduce “Communication.” This layering combined with their unison vocals tinges the song with a mod, British flair. All the songs have an 80s retro dance feel especially seen in, “Fears to Remember.” The melodic chill of “The Plot that Weaves” leaves lingering sensations with its steady beat and static sound, while the “The Deaf, They Will Hear” impresses the mind with repetitive words of the chorus, “Blood to the ears from which the death will hear.” The lyrics main communication is the man’s dissatisfaction with time and lack of control over life. Though pain and frustration permeate lyrics, hope and trust in one who knows better is the ultimate presiding theme of The Brothers Martin. Not only a unique style but enigmatic intertwining themes of these transient songs, leave anticipation for another diverse creation merged by bands and brothers.
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