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Article Title: The Message We Live
Author of reported comment: Jane
Comment Date: 00:07 on Feb 21 2007
Comment: As a new Christian I am really disappointed to have just read your review on Chris and Jennie Orange's album 'The message We Live'. In my opinion the title couldn't be more true of the lives I have seen them personally live out, and to read an article which undermines all the hard work and sacrafice that has gone into the production of this genuine public display of their heart makes me feel very sad. Having spent many nights being lead in Jesus centred worship by these two humble, caring, kind, truely beautiful people it hurts me to see words used in their worship, but more importantly, taken directly from the scrptures, ridiculed in a mocking manner. Surely in a christian context, reviewing should be culturally relavant but morally distinct. It should not use wordly tactics such as sarcasm or cynicism to undermine the ministry of a fellow christian. Why not write for HEAT magazine, they specialise in this type of 'lets all laugh at' review. I would like to challenge you to rethink the way you review in the future, displaying the kind of maturity and wisdom I as a christian would expect from another christian writing for a national christian music magazine. I appreciate that you may not like this album, but mocking it in public to me seems unnacceptable.
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