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Article Title: The Message We Live
Author of reported comment: Mary, Director 4Life
Comment Date: 09:16 on Feb 24 2007
Comment: I could comment on the poor quality of this review - more of a rant than a review. How the argument about repetitive biblical lyrics was not mentioned in other reviews from Peter e.g. Taize albums. How the brilliant title track was not even reviewed - was this because it flawed the argument? How the quality of musicianship and musical arrangements was not reviewed. But others have commented on this already. I could comment on the misrepresentation about donations and put the record straight. How Chris and Jennie don't take anything for the costs of the album but give every penny to the For Life charity at huge personal sacrifice. Is it the bucking of the trend of profiting from worship music that has so offended? I could comment on the unprofessional nature of this review and how it comes across as a personal attack - probably why there have been so many comments in response to it. However, at the end of the day, there is only one review that matters and we know from Jesus the basis of that review - the fruit. So quite apart from the fruit of so many individuals who say their spiritual journey with God has been enriched through Chris and Jennie's album, I would like you to know that through their last two albums - The Message We Live and Emmanuel - they have raised nearly £20,000 to change the lives of hundreds of abandoned disabled children in Thailand through the charity For Life ( Well done Chris and Jennie. Heaven applauds you and so do we at For Life. You live the message!
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