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Article Title: The Message We Live
Author of reported comment: Dan
Comment Date: 17:56 on Mar 1 2007
Comment: Hi Rob, I would suggest that the chances of a song adding something new to our understanding of what scripture means by simply being novel are about as slim as Slimmer of the Year on the last day of Lent. If we're looking to be taken to 'places in worship we've not been before', then no amount of musical or lyrical innovation can help us; only the Holy Spirit can truly do that. The fact that originality has come to mean so very much in the Christian music industry (whatever that actually means) shows how far gone that industry now is from the true purpose of worship. And I think this is part of what everyone above is so upset about; that Peter's review epitomises the attitude that says, Worship music is meant for the Christian's entertainment, not for God and certainly not for the poor. The way Mr Dilley chose to communicate himself - although thoroughly unchristian - is only half the issue.
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