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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Kevin
Comment Date: 09:06 on Mar 16 2007
Comment: On the subject of the bible contradicting itself, the best means of analysis is always to read and study it first hand. I would suggest that rather than relying on large tranches of opinion, found through "googling" search strings, we should always return to the source document to form our own opinions rather than relying on others. All of these comments are based on the second hand opinions of others , both Dawkins, and the author of the article. Rather than continually ruck over these articles and books, would it not be better for people to search out the truth for themselves? This would involve giving both aetheism and the existence of God equal opportunities to be proven or disproven. In any case to believe there is no God requires at least the same amount of faith as is requred to believe God exists.
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