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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Jo
Comment Date: 06:47 on Mar 20 2007
Comment: With respect, I think you're all missing the point and into the bargain making the Bible more important than faith. the Bible was written by people. Like us. They were inspired by the Holy Spirit but nonetheless, they were people. They were limited in their scientific knowledge and were people trying with huge faith and integrity to make sense of their world and this relationship with their God. The Bible is not a scientific document. It really doesn't matter whether the earth is billions of years old, our faith doesn't rest on these matters. What counts is that we use our minds and our hearts together to bring the good news of God's determination to restore us in relationship with God through Jesus. We do a disservice to the story with which we have been entrusted when we ignore scientific evidence for the bringing into being of the universe. How God chose to do it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with God's awesome creativity.
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