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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Anna
Comment Date: 10:37 on Mar 22 2007
Comment: Jo, I really think that you have hit the nail on the head, too many people manage to get caught up in facts and scientific proof and manage to ignore or disregard what is actually important. There are more historical documents to prove, or suggest the existence of Jesus than there are Caesar, but people do not have a problem with Caesar existing because he never called us to assess our lives and morals and our very existence. I have a belief that people who spend a very long time and lots of big words to prove that God does not exist are generally scared, have very closed minds or are bitter about something that has happened in their life that they cannot explain, i.e "if there is a god why did my mum die" etc. The real point is, if you have a relationship with your God, if you look out over a mountain top (cliched I know) nontheless, if you do that and think, look how small I am, someone must be behind this, then it is natural to think, there must be more, there must be a God. "Over the past 50 years scientists have been discovering more and more evidence that our universe was carefully and purposefully designed for the benefit of humanity. Such evidence of design points to a Creator - one who transcends space, time, matter, and energy." Even Darwin did not deny the evidence of design; instead, he hoped to show that living things only appeared designed, while really being the result of chance and natural selection. What makes this enquiry so compelling today, is that design is no longer found only in living things but also in the physical universe itself. In cosmology, the so-called anthropic principle tells us that the universe is “intentionally gifted by God” and is finely tuned to support life. When we bring science into equation, it does soemwhat belittle the amazing relationship that people share with God. For me, for instance, the big bang theory is a theory nothing more, but my faith and my god are real and there is nothing theoretical about them.
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