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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Laura
Comment Date: 22:46 on Mar 22 2007
Comment: Anna & Jo,I agree with you both-it seems too many people are getting hung up on little things when the big thing we need to think about is Faith.However,just a few points,both Tacitus & Pliny wrote about Jesus,as well as Josephus.Secondly,whether or not we believe in evolution does not matter-when we die God is not going to ask us how we think the world came into existence- & I believe the account of creation in Genesis corresponds with the accepted order of evolution.The important question is not HOW,but WHO.Thirdly,we need to remember that Dawkins has an agenda.Here is a man who wants everyone to be an atheist-an evangelical/fanatical if ever I heard of one!We cannot expect that he will show any evidence of an open mind,nor that he will allow for any alternative point of view.He does not wish to believe in God/Jesus/creation so will not consider any evidence of any kind.Just as many super-evangelical Christians would not write books allowing for anything other than Christian beliefs.A far better,far more balanced point of view comes from those scholars who are open to being proved wrong.Take Lee Strobel,for instance.His book 'The Case for Christ' is a journalist's account of his own journey to believing in Jesus Christ.Strobel started out on his journey hoping to disprove Christ & yet by being open minded,he found that there was far more evidence to prove than to disprove.Fourthly,I have to disagree on one point with Anna-I believe that science can actually support my faith.For example,photosynthesis.The animal kingdom breathes out carbon dioxide & breathes in oxygen.Inhaling too much carbon dioxide would be lethal for the red blood cells-the animal kingdom would die.But,the plant kingdom does the exact opposite,respiring oxygen & taking in carbon dioxide.Perfect balance that,IMHO,could never have happened by 'accident'-in this I see the case for the Creator.
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