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Article Title: Lins Honeyman Live At Perth Baptist Church Centre
Author of reported comment: Derl Maurer
Comment Date: 00:46 on Apr 1 2007
Comment: Paul, hi there, its a privilege to write these few words about you, you sound like my type of man, and your should be commented on all your doing to help people built a business. I am a member of Agloco, and i hoping we all can make some good money soon with the company. I really am kind of broke at this time living day to day tryed everything on the net to make some cash and they all fail for some reason, so i hope this Company can help me. i appreciate all your help you can give me to get out of my debt this year or the coming year. i a 72 yr man and need to get out of debt and try living a different life with my wife and my family, i have 2 boys grown up, one marred has one grandson for my wife and i, another boy he is still living with me, now with his fiance and 12 yo boy, hoping to getting married soon. as for income i live on my s/s and little pension with my wifes combined, and a p/t time cleaning job 3 hrs a night, keep me well busy. anyway this about all my history, just to let you know. anyway you can help me, i would appreciate it, thanks and keep in touch as we go in to April tomorrow. God bless. a freind in hope! Derl & Peg
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