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Article Title: Battleground: Live Worship
Author of reported comment: MarieElena
Comment Date: 10:24 on Apr 18 2007
Comment: Everyone in traditional Christian "Religion" is always so pompas!!!! Stop it!!! I am sick and tired of it!!! Get real would ya. This is our Generation and our time! I have written music and led worship too and Kudos for someone in "the ture nature of servanthood...blah blah boring fairies and fluffy dust everywhere blah". Our heavenly creator gave Mr. Cummings his wonderous gift. I am certain He would not be the least bit offended if this very talented and most definitely hard working authentic worshiper of Christ shared a little of His Glory alongside the title cover which clearly states: "MORNINGSTAR"...ummm; Hello??? We are all sons and daughers of Glory. It is quite ok to shine. I am certain the cost of Mr. Cummings giftings has been substantial in their own right and its not like he is singing about himself. Shame on R. J. Where is that mantle of humility when he needs it? Hey...Why not leave the cover sleeve completely blank then if thats how it is???? At least I have the guts even authority to say it out loud.
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