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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Alexander Skeith
Comment Date: 18:31 on Jun 7 2007
Comment: No, Dawkins' arguments are competent and robust -and certainly carry more weight than 'Photosynthesis demonstrates natural balance and is thereby conclusive evidence of a creator being'. I find accusations of narrow-mindedness directed towards an Atheist view-point as faintly preposterous...Atheism, as a rule, bases its assertions on an open-minded willingness to observe all available evidence. An Atheist mind-set is changeable - or rather it would be were not for an ever-increasing accumulation of evidence, of quantifiable fact from all academic disciplines, that represents near-conclusive proof that the Christian God is nothing more than a work of meticulously engineered fiction. To any rational and impartial observer, it is the faithful whose minds are in state of stubborn refusal -closed to a consistent body of evidence, scientific or otherwise, that is contradictory to their beliefs. Similarly, I take issue with any notion suggesting that atheists are somehow scared to acknowledge the would-be existence of a god - What reason would a sceptic have to be afraid if a course of unbiased and objective reasoning that led them to accept immortality of the soul and divine forgiveness as a certainty? I agree that Darwinist theory and intelligent design are not, on the face of it, mutually exclusive - However, while the foundations of science may yet support the vague notion of a supreme creator - What a 1000 years of iterative scientific deduction HAS established with little uncertainty, is that the CHRISTIAN God, along with the figure-heads of every other religious faith across globe, is in all likelihood non-existent.
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