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Article Title: Dawkins Delusion
Author of reported comment: Alexander Skeith
Comment Date: 18:32 on Jun 7 2007
Comment: Contrary to what previous posting on this thread have suggested, It is not Dawkins' intention to dissuade the religious of their fast-held convictions - Indeed, his writings would seem to acknowledge such an agenda would be as futile as trying to convince an intelligent person that the planet is less than 10,000 years old...(!?) While Dawkins' confrontational tone has clearly been interpreted as an outright attack on the psychology of religion, rather, I believe he is 'preaching to the converted' and it is his aim to 'out' fence-sitting Atheists and Agnostics who have too long been silenced by the social taboos of denying the existence of God. This I personally feel Dawkins has made a positive statement - and one much needed particularly in a present climate where the intervention of religious groups has had an increasingly detrimental effect on the political status quo within western democracies...Founded, I might add, not on blind faith, but on Reason, Truth and Enlightenment.
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