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Article Title: 1950s Gospel Pioneer Fern Jones
Author of reported comment: Jerry Kendall
Comment Date: 05:38 on Jul 22 2007
Comment: I have the original Dot album by Fern Jones and have not noticed any mention in reviews of the recent reissue of the Sunshine Boys backing her on the LP. Eddie Wallace of the Sunshine Boys is a good friend of mine and I'm sure Eddie could provide some insight into the particulars of the recording session(s). Eddie lives in the Atlanta area and I believe his phone number is listed in the phone book, perhaps as Ed F. Wallace, Sr. The Sunshine Boys, with J. D. Sumner as the bass singer at that time, backed Red Foley on "Peace in the Valley" in 1950 or 1951. J. D. then sang on the Blackwood Brothers recording of "I Was There When It Happened" which I am told was featured in the "I Walk the Line" movie of a few years ago. The other three Sunshine Boys--Eddie Wallace, Ace Richman, and Fred Daniel--appeared on both the Red Foley recording and the Fern Jones LP with Burl Strevel being the bass singer on the Jones LP. As a side note, the Sunshine Boys appeared in some twenty mostly western movies in the forties and early fifties with J. D. and Fred Daniel appearing only in the last one but Eddie and Ace appearing in all the others along with brothers Tennessee and Smitty Smith. The Smith Brothers were a popular duo themselves in the Atlanta area on TV, radio, and recordings on the Capitol label and an LP on the Sing gospel label. I hope this info will be of interest and that it could trigger finding additional particulars from Eddie Wallace. Jerry Kendall
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