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Article Title: Dorinda Clark-Cole: The Rose Of Gospel With A Clark Sisters Heritage
Author of reported comment: Donny Vaughter
Comment Date: 21:47 on Jul 24 2007
Comment: i must start of my saying, i've been a clark sisters fan for many years...i have to say that i was Blessed to attend the recording of the "One Last Time" video recording in Franklin, Tennessee.... one of my most high moments in my life as a gospel music singer and lover. They were truely AWESOME.... i worshiped God during the recording, but in between worshiping God, i stood there with this BIG Smile on my face, thinking, "I cant believe i'm actually here". i actually was able to take off work the day of the recording, seeing that i'm self-employed. It was the most woderful thing for me this year... i couldnt wait to purchase the cd as well as the dvd.... i have the clark sister's photo on my display screen on my computer, i have their songs on both my mp3 cell phones, i just love the clark sister... i pray that this wont be the last recording, and if it is,,, i'm satisfied...because i got to see them live in Frankin Tennessee. God Bless the Clark Sisters and God Bless You. Much Love, Donny Vaughter from Nashivlle (Antioch) Tennessee.
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