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Article Title: Sunny Day
Author of reported comment: larisa
Comment Date: 19:12 on Aug 21 2007
Comment: "I wana take the time" to say how much I love this album. It alway reminds me that God is in control " Like a cloud, my trouble drift away" I really know "you've opened up the door". "I am oh so glad you came". And every time I listen to the album, just about that time I stop Paying attention to the words, then I hear " I can tell that you are not listening to a single word I say, but thats okay, I'll sing them anyway" I'm always looking to support the new talent that noone has heard of, I'm usaully a good judge of who is going to make it and who is not. I bought "sunny day" album just before I was 16 which would have been about the summer of 98, could you imagine to my suprise sereval years later I found out he also sang my new favorite song at the time. I remember were I was, even to the cross streets, when I heard his name on the radio. When Sunny Day came out short of going to the bookstore you wouldn't even known that John Cox existed, because they did not play that album on the radio. Though I like His new stuff too. Sunny Day continues to be my favorite album of all time. If you don't own it Buy It, you won't be disapointed, There is only one song that doctrine wise might be a little on the shakey side, but it probably meets people where there at in their lives. Plus, I don't know what his heart behide it was. Overall,every song keeps your attention. And it would have done better when it first came out, if there was more publicity on it. This album is Great!!!
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