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Article Title: Song By Song
Author of reported comment: Row
Comment Date: 06:32 on Sep 6 2007
Comment: The Mission Bell Album is Awesome :) I have Favorite Songs too, like: 1) Stronger ~ so much affirmation about LOVE, overcomers and wedding song :) 2) Solid Rock ~ My personal fav, I'm a Rocker by Heart:) 3) All this Time ~ this is a prayer song for men Not to Screw up all the blessings that GOD gave to them... 4) Miracle Maker ~ hands down, a tie to Majesty, my song Devotion time with GOD... Thanks Martin :D 5) Love is a Miracle ~ thanks Wifeys, D Wives Rocks! When I'm sad, just sing the chorus and I feel better! 6) Paint The Town Red ~ my intercession song, I litterary hold a paint brush and in the Spiritual Realms, I'm painting the Town RED by the Blood of JESUS !!! 7) I'll See You ~ my Dad died when I was 10yrs old and my Mom died last year and did NOT get the chance to see her for the last time because of my Visa situation... Thanks Martin for writing the song, it always give me hope that I'll see my beloved Parents when I get there :):):)
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