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Article Title: Love And Radiation
Author of reported comment: Ed
Comment Date: 23:57 on Oct 8 2007
Comment: I like this album because the lyrics are just deep enough to mean something, but not so deep as to clash with the bubblegum pop sound. The only song on the album that I find a bit arch is "Let's Rock Tonight" mainly because the words "Let's rock tonight" require an accompaniment which is more rocky and less electro pop lite-synth. At least, they do to my ears... The lyrics in the songs are tight, and memorable, especially in the chorus. For example: Out of the atmosphere, into the stratosphere Over the milky way, into the new frontier You take me to a place I've never been before You turn my everyday into the evermore. All you do makes me feel alive Like I'm flying through Starry skies, multiplied over and over again, a million times You you you Yeah yeah yeah This is turning into the best day that I've had Love is a limousine, love is a trampoline Love is a key to the club on the mezzanine You make me feel in ways I've never felt before I wanna be with you now and forevermore. The images are interesting, and I've never seen them in pop songs before. At the other end of the emotional spectrum is the song "There's gotta be something", which offers a reason to look for God, and imagines a person at the end of his rope, dissatisfied with the pleasures to be found under the sun. “Catch your breath from chasing after Happiness that dissapears Tell yourself it's cool, and cover-up with laughter; But underneath your skin You're dying to give in.” Also interesting are the lyrics in "Before you break my heart". Unusual similies and metaphors abound: "I'm just like a jet without a runway Stuck on the ground for so long" "I'm strong but I feel so fragile I'm the great wall of fine China" Musically, the album is high quality, well produced and mixed and very "now", though I suspect I'll be listening to it in a couple of decades time too.
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