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Article Title: Overflow
Author of reported comment: James Preston
Comment Date: 13:26 on Jan 17 2008
Comment: Unbelievable. I was given this CD over 4 years ago when I committed to Christ. I was fan long before then, but had never heard this, their first album. "Overflow" is incredible. It is a very close rank to their best. I'm blessed to be a radio presenter over here in Durbs, SA, Tree's (now Tree63) homeland, and have heard all their stuff. The following is a list of their albums in order of quality, in my opinion: 1. The Life And Times Of Absolute Truth (2002) 2. Overflow (1996 I THINK) 3. 63 (1999) 4. Sunday (2007) 5. The Answer To The Question (2004) The above are all studio albums. They have a greatest hits jig and a worship album too. Unfortunately, some of that stuff wasn't agreed on by the band themselves, the label did it. But if you can get your hands on their live rendition of "Amazing Grace"... DO IT!!!! Well, there you, that's what I reckon. U2 are my favourite band, and closely behind them... Tree63! By the way, Mike Rimmer, your writing is superlative. Seriously.
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