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Article Title: Alice Cooper: The shock rock pioneer speaks about his Christian faith
Author of reported comment: Tracey T
Comment Date: 10:49 on Jan 28 2008
Comment: It's so easy to see how people can jump to conclusions because they don't get what they see... That's why I'm so glad The Lord has shown me over the years to not be quick to judge. Things are NOT always what they seem.. If you are unsure about some[thing] because it doesn't fit your experience-don't jump to judge. Don't be quick to be the crowd follower that hecles and who are quick to throw the stones. God is love, and His Spirit will always hold a sense of peace and freedom drive, rather than the drive that wells up from the emotions that are wrapped in fear and defensivness. It does say in the Bible that we must weigh up everything and test it to see if it is from God.. This says to me, to go to God with queries we may have - -and at times we may need to do some background research, such as reading credible articles like this that are objective and unbiased and open to God moving outside of the threshold of our limited understanding. Thanks all :)
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