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Article Title: Mavis Staples: From Stax, to Prince, to an acclaimed Civil Rights album
Author of reported comment: LargeRoomNoLight
Comment Date: 15:31 on Feb 4 2008
Comment: I love Mavis. It's good to see her doing positive things and staying active. I remain in full support of her efforts. It was sad when I heard that Prince could not talk to her because of his religious beliefs. The insanity of separatism can be so defeating. Unity through the acceptance of God is something he has always preached since 1982. That’s the reason I became interested in him. He has expressed in the recent past that under God's law, separation ceases. How can he articulate that, and then join a collective that promotes separation into what he refers to on the “Rainbow Children” CD as 'this, or that which is not this'? We can't, in his words, 'come together as one' if we do that. When I read here that his CONversion to Jehovah’s Witness made Mavis sad, I almost cried. I know how much she loves him. That must have crushed her. I hope they can turn that around. But it's a learning process for him I'm sure, and if that's so, this too will bring him to a better place in the end. You cannot profess knowledge of something you are unwilling to subject yourself to the experience of; and you cannot discuss the roundness of the earth unless you can first know, understand, and accept the reasons it cannot be flat. ~LRNL
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