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Article Title: Sir David Attenborough - "Why I Don't Mention God"
Author of reported comment: Steve
Comment Date: 13:44 on Feb 13 2008
Comment: Marc, Every single one of these arguments has been destroyed in past debate, most many years ago (like the 747 argument) - I humbly suggest that you do some basic research and educate yourself on the subject before making such naive points about Atheism et al; or are you one of these Christians that don't read anything outside of their "comfort zone" for fear it's the "devils work" or some such nonsense? Here is a list of google phrases that you could use to properly research every single one of your points and find out why they are, well, wrong.. "definition of atheism" "atheism morality" "scientific errors bible" "Atheism leading scientists" "Abiogenesis" "Darwin faith" "scientific process" "747 argument" “Spinoza” "Dover Trial" "DNA information" "Spanish Inquisition" "origin of science"
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