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Article Title: Focusfest
Author of reported comment: Agnes Hutchinson
Comment Date: 22:09 on Feb 15 2008
Comment: I was at focusfest last June, for the second time - 2 weeks prior to the event my 17 year old son was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer which had spread greatly by the time of diagnosis. Since I had been responsible for organising our church ladies (about 18 of us) to go to Ireland, had booked hotel, flights etc. I felt and so did my husband that I should still go. On Saturday evening Priscilla Reid told us that God had a promise for each of us ladies and I knew then that God had meant for me to be there and was going to give me a promise that would see me through the next weeks and months. When these little pieces of paper floated down from the ceiling, I refused to grab, I sat with my hands by my side and waited for my promise. It landed on my leg and sat there until I lifted it and read it. This is what it said - It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Ps18v32. I claimed that promise and God has been faithful to it. Gordon was diagnosed on 1st June and last week (beginning of February) he had a final ct scan which revealed that Gordon's cancer was gone. Please pass this on to Priscilla Reid for her encouragement and give her my thanks for being courageous enough to do what God asked of her. Thank you, Agnes Hutchinson. I am at the moment trying to obtain tickets for this year.
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