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Article Title: Sir David Attenborough - "Why I Don't Mention God"
Author of reported comment: Andrew
Comment Date: 10:46 on Feb 16 2008
Comment: I have a PhD in electronics and was most definitely a sceptic of all things spiritual but I came to Christ a few years ago – an event that thoroughly changed my life. My weak faith was and still is greatly assisted by reading about the weight of evidence in astronomy, molecular biology, archaeology and the historicity of the bible. Now I know there are many of you that reading this will think “What evidence!?” ... “This can all be disproved”. Let me tell you what got me. Firstly, in electronics there is something called Information Theory. This deals with the maths of encoding and transmitting data. I did a lot of work in this area and found that when information was transmitted, the received information was the same, or less than that sent. The transmission in a mobile phone is often corrupted by interference. This interference is always meaningless and detracts from the information; it does not add to it. The way DNA is present in living organisms smacks of information theory. The density of information is enormous – 3 billion codes. The complexity of the information is staggering. The information is copied as cells are duplicated and the information is error checked as it’s copied. If errors are introduced by chance mutations they must, according to the laws of information theory, detract from the information in the DNA. The probability of introducing meaningful information is ridiculously small. For living things to evolve from a single-cell to a man requires a staggering net increase in information. This cannot be accounted for by random mutations in DNA any more than if I leave my computer on for a billion years, chance errors in the memory will eventually cause it to code the next version of windows. Static on your television is not fun to watch. That’s because it’s randomly generated. This is the same random that some attribute to causing living creatures to evolve, over billions of years, from single-celled amoebas to complex animals.
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