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Article Title: Sir David Attenborough - "Why I Don't Mention God"
Author of reported comment: Andrew
Comment Date: 10:47 on Feb 16 2008
Comment: Now this is the second reason I believe. It’s also the most important, but I put the scientific one first as this was the topic of conversation. Romans 10:17 says “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God”. Now this once sounded to me like the most woolly, most brain-washy statement when I was first told it. But when I read the bible, when I read the words of Jesus, I feel a river of peace wash over my soul. Its repeatable – every time I go to the Word of God, my soul is refreshed and I can literally feel the closeness and love of God. When I neglect reading the Word or prayer I slip back into faithlessness, into scepticism and my heart becomes cold. It’s observable – every time I pray that through God’s Word, He would take away some sin or other, or make me a better Christian, He faithfully does that work and all see the results. It’s testable – when others are encouraged to read the word, they report the very same things, that their soul is refreshed, that they feel closer to God and they visibly show the signs of the Joy of the Lord. It’s reasonable to have faith. Something I learned recently is that God’s message through the bible, although it seemed foolish and dumb to me because of my intellectual pride, has to be that way – it has to be simple enough that a child could understand it. If you can lay down your defences and approach God with a spirit of humility and ask Him to reveal Himself to you, if you can read one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) of the bible with a sincere heart in search of God then God promises that He will jumpstart your faith, that He will steadily and progressively reveal Himself to you as you seek Him. He loves you and only has good intentions for you, a love so great that He sent His only son to die for you.
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