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Article Title: Sir David Attenborough - "Why I Don't Mention God"
Author of reported comment: paul
Comment Date: 10:37 on Apr 7 2008
Comment: hi mal - well reasoned and measured contribution to what has to be the most public outing for a scientific discussion in recent times. despite many other feelings on the 'debate' i do feel we have to be very careful regarding discussion on funding for one 'side' versus the other. though there is validity to comments on limited funding in the UK, the situation is often very different across the pond where only last year Ken Ham opened his Creation Museum in Kentucky at an estimated cost of $27million - much of it from donations. The debate that is raging in the US at present is very well funded and reaches very real people at all levels from teachers and parents right thru to the seats of government. The Discovery Institute's involvement in the 2005 Dover School Board hearing being a case in point.
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