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Article Title: The Message We Live
Author of reported comment: Ann
Comment Date: 00:27 on Apr 16 2008
Comment: Some times people write something without knowing its true impact on the individuals who hear and sing it. Think of a room full of teenagers (misfits, illiterate, no jobs, no hope, single parents of single parents etc...) and they get to those words of 'save the lost and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, hold the lonely) For a brief time you actually do hear voices joining in with angels. Youngsters so often they don't understand scriptures, they don't even know why they are in church to be preached at. Yet, even in their own impoverished lives the true realisation of Christ's work hits home when they sing out the 'Message We Live'. Suddenly, in comparison to others less well off, they feel rich, educated, filled with hope and The Holy Spirit. So, who cares if lines are repeated or the format doesn't seem to sit right, Jesus has found a way to reach through their barriers and speak to them personaly. I am in a choir that sings beautiful arrangements of music, old and modern, but it may never speak to these teenagers in quite the same way as this record does. Sometimes people only need one sentence to turn their lives around and their faces towards Christ. This music, that came free to their ears, will be held in those teenagers hearts, minds and souls for many years to come. What is 'quality' material anyway and who decides what it is? Christ and Jenny, keep up the good work in Jesus' name, God Bless you X X X
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