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Article Title: Safecracking
Author of reported comment: Dougie
Comment Date: 13:19 on Jun 13 2008
Comment: I AM a Larry Norman fan and contrary to your review I AM disappointed with this release. It's ANOTHER compilation of a compilation. Again! And it doesn't do what it says on the tin either. This doesn't gather all the new and bonus tracks from the Essential Series in one convenient place... here's a list of some of the missing 'new material' on the Essential Series which isn't on Safe Cracking: Kulderachna (So Long Ago The Garden outtake on volume 1), 'Sweet Silver Angels' a song everyone except Larry knows as 'Jesus Was A Crossmaker' (Judee Sill cover - uncredited) from volume 2. God Part 2 - original version 1971 (from volume 2). People In My Past (from volume 2)... so none of the new bonus tracks from Agitator are on Safecracking. He Is A Friend of Mine (duet with Randy Stonehill) - bonus track on volume 5. I Love You (live duet with Randy Stonehill) - bonus track on volume 5. Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn - bonus track on volume 5. Watch What You're Doing - non album mix - volume 7. 'One Star Remains' (hey folks its another Judee Sill cover being disguised with another Larry-only title... this is My Man On Love) - bonus track on volume 7. The Tune - previously unreleased radio edit version on volume 7 and Epitaph - previously unreleased demo on volume 7. There we go, there's 11 exclusive songs on the 7CD 'best of' collection Essential CDs not found on Safecracking which means LN collectors will be forced into rebuying 100's of songs they already own if they want to complete their collections for those tracks.
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