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Article Title: Safecracking
Author of reported comment: Dougie
Comment Date: 15:16 on Jun 13 2008
Comment: Can CR reviewers stop just copying and pasting the hype from Solid Rock's website and re-issuing this in the form of a review? By buying Safecracking it is far more likely you will encourage Solid Rock to keep up the practice of re-re-re-releasing and re-re-re-remastering everything as well as repackaging and re-editing and re-doing compilations as opposed to achieving any significant dent into undoing the illegal internet counterfeiters out there. Larry feeds the desire for such counterfeited compilation CDs by releasing a 7CD career spanning best of series which has about 20 new tracks out of 140 on the series... and by the way they are all originally CDRs homemade on a Solid Rock PC and retailing at $23 each... thats $161 plus P&P on the 7CDRs for your 20 new tracks... given that many of the bonus tracks are rough mixes and demos it seems a bit steep to be paying $200 for all these rarities - thats why a) most fans stop buying Larry's releases and b) a market gets created for a counterfeit CD with all the rare stuff on one CD for $20 and c) people will see Safecracking as another compilation which yet again shortchanges Larry's fans
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