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Author of reported comment: Lucy Lee
Comment Date: 11:30 on Jul 5 2008
Comment: Lucy writes: I’ve always found that putting on a ‘Me poor li’ll chinee girl’ look always works on Western men but this time they were adamant. “We want you to review String Heaven, the new CD by the Kings Chamber Orchestra.” “Why?” “Because not being a Christian, you’ll come to the tunes afresh with no pre-conceived ideas.” Okay… So I placed the CD into my laptop and clicked play. Immediately I recognised the first track. Has anyone who has lived in this country not heard Be Still for the presence of the Lord? But this soft and gentle version rolled over me and I was instantly transfixed. And when the harp chimed in with the violi it was so beautiful I nearly cried. Likewise, having seen the movie, I also recognised track 9 which was ‘Amazing Grace’. Personally I’d buy this CD just for those two tracks alone, however I know our editor is a Kristin Getty fan and so track 7 In Christ Alone would have had his vote immediately as it was co-written by Kristin’s husband, Keith Getty. Then I cheated a bit by asking a Christian friend from a village house group around to listen over a cup of coffee. She told me that many of the other tracks were based on songs that she has sung, one time or another, at Spring Harvest, but she had never heard such a beautiful rendition. “The tempo is slow and very relaxing” she said “it would be ideal for a quiet moment alone either to meditate or simply unwind.” The Kings Chamber Orchestra, directed by Gerard Le Feuvre consists of violins, violi, celli, a bass and a harp. They have recorded many romantic miniatures in the past with a handful of improvisations thrown in but this is their first venture into improvising worship music. They intend a series of “Heaven” albums and concerts and I must admit, I’d love to review String Heaven 2 when it comes out! Other Fave Tracks: I think about your sacrifice, Father, I want you to hold me; How deep the Father’s love; What love is this? In Christ alone; Hide me now; Here I am to Worship - oh, all of them! Even if you already have these on other recordings, you’ll enjoy these soothing arrangements. Overview: You do not have to be a Christian to appreciate this wonderful CD. I really hope that this gets a wider audience and is not simply stocked in the “Religious Music” section at your record store. Lucy Lee For Barton Today Magazine
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