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Article Title: Saved by Grace
Author of reported comment: mark henry lee
Comment Date: 21:49 on Aug 23 2008
Comment: andy,i dunno if he remembers me but me and andy went to st josephs together he was always a good mate and made me laugh."JACKO"as we called him was a star and i was with him through school at infants,primary,and junior all at st joseph's,i never heard much about him only he'd been in with a bad lot and ended up in jail.sad as JACKO was i'd say in primary,junior school 1 of my best friends.i'm saddened to hear about him taking a life,and being jailed,i am over the moon that he has found happiness and purpose in his faith and people around him.but the story doesnt end their ,it continues.jacko my friend i wish you all the best and would love to hear from you if thats possible,as reading the item and knowing you i understand where you are now.wish i could join ya as i lost my faith and hope when i joined the army and left it too,my world and strengh is my children and wife.i guess i'm on a quest in life to understand something i have lost maybe 1 day jacko. get bk jacko if u can and lets have coffee all the best mark lee
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