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Article Title: The Florida Outpouring With Todd Bentley
Author of reported comment: Alex Tomic
Comment Date: 11:55 on Aug 24 2008
Comment: What need to be done when someone fall...we need to stone him?! We stone him any way before his fall but now we doing that with more enthusiasm and doing that along the way, we brush ourselves with "cautionary note". So many are changed by Todd Bentley in right direction, so many are turn away by reading comment from internet "God experts". Even Todd Bentley are been disappointed by reading your comments and start to separated from the God let alone great number of ordinary people reading those constantly passionate attacks. And at this moment look like that a score is made against God, Christ and Christianity but I tell you many ordinary people thanks to Todd are switched to GOD not to devil TV, they are now focused in right direction seeking and making right questions. The same people who been moved by Todd, now a watching other channels where you can watch Joice Meyer, Joel Osteen and others ministries, they progress from not to be interested to GOD, connected finally by Todd and progressing further. Those who making forever U-turn as a result Todd separations from GOD they never been any way real force for GOD. I never forget Todd Bentley and his contribution even if he again return to drugs and make U-turn. Time coming that we will listen only GOD messages and discard Devil messages and only then nothing can stop us to progress unlimited in right direction...
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