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Article Title: I Want To Live For You
Author of reported comment: Marcela
Comment Date: 05:14 on Oct 31 2008
Comment: Anna, how can you be so mean and rude? How can you write such a thing? Are you telling me that if you don't wear make up and if you talk and judge the way you do you will get to heaven. Let God be the one to judge and I don't think if you are a Christian you have to look like the last person on this earth? I don't know this two sisters and I don't' care to how them because the words they sing in their songs helps me a lot to be lifted up and I love their songs and makes my day when I hear those words in the songs. I don't care to look for things to judge (barfa). Keep your comments to your self since no one cares to read your bad comments. Simina and Gabriela... keep up the good work and may God bless you everyday to be able to ignore people like Anna.
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