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Article Title: Clubbing
Author of reported comment: Alex
Comment Date: 04:35 on Nov 24 2008
Comment: I think it could. I like dark drumnbass too, like Noisia etc. Oh man if there was a Christian Noisia, oh dear, I would ....that would just be fantastic. i dunna, its hard to really draw a line on where to stop with the Christian/DnB thing, but tbh as long as you're doing it for God's glory and not your own, putting your talents and efforts into making something that'll bring people to Jesus, then I think whatever you do is right, as long as it follows what the Bible says and is made for praising God. I've dabbled in DnB a bit, its quite fun and the drumnbass sounds just rock my ears, but i would really love to make it for a better purpose than self-satisfaction/labels/etc, so if you think thats a good idea, check out my Artist MySpace at I've got one dnb song on there so far, the others are Hardcore/Freeform ;D the dnb one is an eminem remix, i kinda did it out of boredom/creativity/whatever you wanna call it. I took out the bad words, because that just ....i dont like that. Tho it might sound like i didnt, but i did take out the bad words, so check it out and tell me what you think. and of course if I should devote this music to God, if it'll work out or not. any opinions? just message me or even write at thanks guys :D
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