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Article Title: Sandi Thom: No longer a punk rocker with flowers in her hair
Author of reported comment: Sally Pullman
Comment Date: 19:27 on Jan 2 2009
Comment: Ive always been slightly dubious of pop stars who on one hand proffess a true faith and with the other play the celebrity game just to get into the press. It wasnt so long ago that my daughter called me over to her computer to show me Sandi Thoms video that Sandi and her boyfriend and managment had put together for the public showing drug taking and profanitys written on t shirts supposedly showing what teenagers get up to on a saturday night, which was the name of the single Miss Thom was promoting. There was no way this could have been done by Accident and must have knowingly been put onto the internert in the hope of causing controversy and thus generate more sales. Sandi Thom may indeed have faith but she isnt above using it and other methods to get herself noticed to further her failing career.
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