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Article Title: Alice Cooper: The shock rock pioneer speaks about his Christian faith
Author of reported comment: Mel
Comment Date: 23:26 on Feb 5 2009
Comment: I am so happy to hear that Alice has given his life to Christ....however, my understanding of Scripture leads me to ask why he cannot seem to give up the a true follower and disciple we are to sanctify ourselves for service...NOT ride the fence keeping one foot in the faith and one in our wrodly passions. When one becomes a Christian he gives up his old life..crucifies himself with Christ, takes up his cross DAILY and follows christ. One cannot be a rock and roll star who happens to be a must BE a Christ follower first....the rest falls in line after that. it's too bad he is unwilling to use his talent for good...and for leading others to True faith. If people cannot see the difference in who he was and who he is today..then his talent is being wasted.
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