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Article Title: Darwin Hobbs: Free to sing gospel and free to speak of childhood sexual abuse
Author of reported comment: Elesia Steward
Comment Date: 03:44 on Mar 22 2009
Comment: I watched the special about you on BET...I was laying in my bed a week ago...And as you told your story tears begin to fall down my face...I was that person who had been violated and had my innocence stripped away from me...The reason why i knew that it was meant for me to see it was because a week before i broke my silence at church. I am the youth leader at my church but i am also a poet. I write spiritual poems...So i wrote a poem about it and gave my testimony...I have struggled for the past 2 years trying to find my purpose... I knew i had a story to tell. I new my pain would be someone else's gain...I knew that there were young women out there that needed to hear my story...It's oh to common that young people are molested in their adolescent years...They carry these secrets for years until they become consumed. Its time to break the silence. It's time to heal the land...My purpose is to go out into the world and minister to the young prostitutes, the battered women, the young mothers, and victims of sexual crimes. I want them to know that in order to heal themselves they have to let god be their spiritual surgeon...There is no problem god can't solve. I know because he did it for me...I became addicted to sex and felt like that was the only way a man would love me. God snatched me out of the world 2 years ago and validated me. My life hasn't been the same...There is no greater love...Just like you i want to break the silence...God bless you..
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