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Article Title: Taking Hold Of The Future
Author of reported comment: tega
Comment Date: 19:49 on Apr 9 2009
Comment: i 19 almost 20 year old girl and i am a daily daystar watcher however one day when i was suppose to be doing house chores at home and not watching tv i switched on the tv and went to daystar when i was thinking of Mtvbase and concidentally i saw pastor Matthew face. never saw him, never heard of him but the message he talked about in 2008 about GOD CAN made me wonder that God told this man from nigeria who is also from england to send me a message. your message went something this... i want to help a sister... she is wondering if getting married at her age.... then you went on and said about how God is going to give me multitalents because of his grace and that everyone will be shocked and then you said about passed dissappionts should not hold me back becuase God looks at the future and the past. and you kept on repeating God Can Okay i need to speak too you... the reason i am writing on this promo website is because your churchs website does not load on my windows explorer. i feel extremely stupid to be writing this sooo please write back to me. thanks tega
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