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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: c
Comment Date: 00:51 on Apr 21 2009
Comment: i cant help but agree with Mike that many new Christians artists arent being original enough. and i would love to hear more GOd-centered songs- not just songs about how bad the state of the world is or people being in pain- there is a place for those songs but i feel that there is not enough focus on the solution to the world's problems. Christian songs ahould point to Jesus, and either be about praising Him or about us being encouraged and uplifted in Him. i do not want to turn on Christian radio and be depressed- but sometimes i hear so many "Christian" songs that dont show anything of Jesus and just talk about misery. How is that helpful or edifying? people need to hear that Jesus is good- i think Christian artists need to get back to using their music as a means to share the gospel and express their love to Jesus for who He i sand what He has done for them.
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